Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Double Happiness and dual language, elegantly designed 

Fei came to us, desiring a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese paper cut.  I was absolutely ecstatic, as I am such a fan of this amazing art form.  The cover of this piece was a delight to create! She also needed her invitation in Chinese as well as American English which we printed back to back.  So, using the Chinese "Double Happiness" symmetry as a design feature, we laser cut it on the corner of the invite... viewed from either side it beautifully symbolized the union of two languages, two worlds brought together by love and elegance.

Her suite featured custom laser cut and digital printing our colors of Ruby, Old Gold, Gold Dust, and a touch of Violette.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fanciful fantastic invites, fast!

Jack contacted us to create custom invitations that were to be used as a memorabilia for their guests.  The bride and groom reside in Australia, their family live in China and they were getting married in Bali.  We developed this suite, coordinating with Jack over the phone (because of the 14 hour time difference, he would stay up very late to wait until we were in the studio ... I am continually amazed by our awesomely dedicated clients) over the course of 5 days... we needed to ship partial to China and the remainder to Bali - in one week!  By working with our wonderful client, his family in China, the resort in Bali and FedEx, everything was delivered on time.  Whew!  We were honored to make it happen.